NUVIATech is a brand of the NUVIA Group

NUVIA participates throughout the lifecycle of nuclear facilities, with services that range from construction, decommissioning, waste management and plant life extension, to the actual operating of facilities. Our commitment is to ensure excellence and mastery of safety and security issues.

Such unparalleled expertise, recognised by all the major actors of the Nuclear industry, has enabled NUVIA to create NUVIATech, a specific brand of products that combine the best of the Group’s technical know-how. Our R&D teams apply state of the art technologies to imagine products that meet your expectations and constraints.

We offer two product ranges to enable design, certification and implementation of equipment and facilities on your sites:

  • NUVIATech Protection: a range of products designed to master hazards such as fire, floods, earthquakes and radiological risks.
  • NUVIATech Instruments: a range specifically dedicated to nuclear measurement.